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Pudong Lights

Travelling creates such great memories and the lights of downtown Pudong District in ShangHai will not be forgotten anytime soon.  Pudong Lights

Yangshuo Sunrise

Situated on the banks of the Li River, Yangshuo in southeast China is surrounded by limestone mountains that are a beautiful backrop to a culture filled city.  It was the last day on a visit there in September of 2013, an early morning rise to catch a bus to the next city made for a last chance at capturing this stunning landscape.   Yangshuo Landscape

Fall Frost on the Dempster Highway

A frosty embrace at the edge of a small unnamed lake along the Dempster Highway.
Fall Frost on the Dempster Highway


The experience of standing below the aurora borealis is so humbling; you can’t help but feel inconsequential when surrounded by something so beautiful.
Aurora Borealis

Trumpeter Swans In Flight

Fall is in full swing in the Yukon Territory.  These 2 Trumpeter Swans along the Klondike Highway between Whitehorse and Dawson City are of the last to leave the Canada’s north and make their way south.

Trumpeter Swans

Memories of Warmer Places

As a blast of arctic air embraced southern Alberta this past week, many Albertans no doubt found themselves thinking of warmer climates.  One warm place that stood out among other experiences for me was a visit to Spitzkoppe, Namibia in May of 2010.  As the warmth of the African day continued into the evening, my group and I ascended one of the many rock outcrops that rose up from the desert floor to watch the sun set; this photo was one of many taken that evening.Spitzkoppe Sunset

A moment on a Kathmandu street

While recently travelling through Nepal during the week long Dasain festival, Hindu holy men called Sadhu were present throughout Kathmandu.  I had seen this Sadhu pass by me on the street the previous day however this time around he was stopping to bless people and administer the red tilaka to almost everyone on the street.  After receiving a blessing and the tilaka, he stopped for a brief moment and allowed me to take his photo.