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A few signs

Managed to capture a few signs of spring today.  This male Mountain Bluebird sat on a rusty fence wire which made its striking blue color stand out even more than usual.  The day also included some Great Horned Owl chicks and one very nervous Canadian Goose hunkered down on a nest.  A brief sighting of a Red Fox today will hopefully become the subject of a future post, fingers crossed on obtaining good pics in the near future.         
Mountain Bluebird

American Avocet

Haven’t had time to get out into the mountains in the past few weeks but the prairies have been full of bird life.  Photographed many birds last night including a beautiful pair of American Avocets.  American Avocet  AmericanAvocetonnest

Swainson’s Hawk

The prairies were full of colour today with all the migratory birds coming through but this Swainson’s Hawk had the winning pose Swainson's Hawk